The 9th edition of Malmö Arab Film Festival announced the list of Egyptian films participating in the Festival which will kick off on October 4-8

Egypt today 12 August 2019

The 9th edition of Malmö Arab Film Festival announced the list of Egyptian films participating in the Festival which will kick off on October 4-8. Egyptian cinema will have a strong presence with seven feature films and three short films in the various festival programs.

Malmö Festival has become the largest Arab specialized film festival taking place outside the Arab world.

‘’Since the establishment of the festival in 2011, Egyptian cinema has been very present every year,

and it is a logical thing because you cannot organize an Arab cinema festival without presenting the

very best in the oldest and largest Arab cinema industry’’ said Mouhamad Keblawi, founder and

President of Malmö festival.

Last year, Egypt was the festival’s guest of honour. In the 9 th edition, the Egyptian presence will continue through a showcase of carefully selected films to shed light on the various aspects of modern Egyptian cinema’ Keblawi added.

Malmö Arab Film Festival is the largest and most famous Arab film festival in Europe and the only one in the Scandinavian countries.

Since its founding in 2011, MAFF took major steps towards offering a panoramic view over the Arab social and political situation and conducting constructive dialogues for both professionals and public.

The festival goal is to build bridges between cultures based on film as a universal visual language, capable of imitating the diversity of human dimension.

Based on the remarkable development, MAFF launched the first edition of its market forum during its fifth edition in 2015, as a co-production platform. Since its establishment, MAFF market forum helped a large number of Arab film projects creating productive partnerships with the Nordic countries.

“Ma Tilash An al-Hajib” ( Eyebrows)

After winning the best short movie award from the second edition of El Gouna Film Festival, the Egyptian short movie “Ma Tilash An al-Hajib” participated in five international festivals.

The festivals are African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milano; Middle East Now festival; San Sebastián International Film Festival; Geneva International Film Festival and Tripoli Film Festival.

The makers of “Photocopy”,script writer HaithamDabbour and director Tamer Ashry, collaborated again in “Ma Tilash An al-Hajib”.

“What is the one thing that you wish was not prohibited?” Aisha, the movie heroine, writes in a closed Facebook group addressing her burqa-wearing peers in the group.

Directly after posting this question, Aisha meets her friend Sally at a mall. They go shopping together to discover at the end that the thing she hates most is her burqa. The 21-minute movie stars Mariam el-Khoshet, Asmaa AbulYazid, and Ali el-Tayeb among others.