‘I Promise You Paradise’ becomes first Egyptian film to win Rail d’Or Award at Cannes

Broadcast Pro 26 May 2023

Written by Mostafa and Sawsan Yusuf, the film features Kenyi Marcellino and Kenzy Mohamed.

I Promise You Paradise (Eissa), by Morad Mostafa, has become the first Egyptian film to win the Rail d’Or Award at Cannes Film Festival’s Critics Week. The award is voted by a jury of 100 members and film critics.

I Promise You Paradise (Egypt, France, Qatar/2023), starring Kenyi Marcellino and Kenzi Mohamed, is a short film about Eissa, a young illegal African migrant in Egypt in a quest against time to save his loved ones.

The film is an Egyptian-French joint production between Bonanza Films, producer Sawsan Youssef, French producer Margot Laurier, Red Star, Sea Cinema, Shift Studios, and Film Clinic. I Promise You Paradise is distributed internationally by H264.

In a statement posted on the Critics’ Week website, Ava Cahen, Director of Critics Week introduced the Egyptian film: “A freedom — in its many forms, freedom to love, to come and go and to exist even — is at the very core of the intense and yet contemplative quest of the protagonist in Morad Mostafa’s I Promise You Paradise.