Al-Aslyeen’s makers Ahmed Mourad and Marwan Hamed prove to be originals of premium quality movies

What women want 26 June 2017

On the Sunday morning that marks the first day of Eid, we made our way between the crowds half-awake like any passionate early bird would. All our efforts to avoid the Eid buzz and attend the 10:00 AM screening had failed when we found human troops invading the land. We’d almost lost hope of finding tickets being number 76 in line. The irony lies in the fact that we ended up being absolutely alone in a screening room, because apparently the overpopulation was taking place in the neighboring Mohamed Ramadan territory. And because in complete peace we made it to Al-Aslyeen, there goes our review!

Once again, brilliant mind Ahmed Mourad hits the cinemas with another mind-twisting work of art. “Al-Aslyeen” is Mourad’s first ever scenario that is not based on a novel, and second collaboration with genius director Marwan Hamed. The movie narrates the story of Samir Eleiwa, a father of two who has long enjoyed a stable job at a bank until an abrupt decision to cut down on employees leaves him fired with hideous compensation.  Married to a shopaholic of a wife and indebted to a pile of bills, this routine-loving human being tries to find another job but instead another job finds him.

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