Take Me To The Cinema

Documentary Film - 2020
Directed By: Albaqer Jafeer

A former soldier Nassif who fled the war in Iraq by hiding in dark cinemas, during this time, he used to watch his favorite film called Papillon 1973. Presently, he is looking for this film among the Iraqi cinema's ruins. The search for the lost movie is the sole purpose for Nassif to leave his room. He goes to the old and obsolete cinemas and asks cinema owners about the lost film. We come to discover Baghdad through Nassif's eyes where he takes us to streets that contrast his silent and quiet world. Today, the street of cinemas has been changed to a market that sells military uniforms. It is crowded with young men, fitting military shirts and shoes.

Nassif Falak
Nassif Falak

  • Producers: Rasha gawdat, Safei Eldin Mahmoud & Tamer Ashry
  • Editor: Mohamed Mamdouh
  • Cameraman: Kraer Naser & Muhannad Alsuwdani
  • Sound Manager: Muslim Habib
  • Editing: Akram Sadoon & Mohamed Mamdouh
  • Production Manager: Mohammed Al Musawi