Fork & Knife

Short Film - 2018
Directed By: Adam Abd El Ghaffar

In what appears to be a random conversation between two people who have just met, secrets involving love, marriage, and infidelity unravel. As a consequence to their intense dialogue, they accept each other's weaknesses, cruelties, sarcasm, and critique on marriage. Towards the end, the bare truth reveals itself and they leave just the way they met, as strangers.
Awards & Festivals:
  • El Gouna Film Festival 2nd Edition − EGYPT − 2018
  • The Calgary Arab Arts & Culture Society − 2019
  • Gabes Cinema Fen − TUNISIA − 2019
  • Middle East Now Festival − ITALY − 2019
  • Malmo Arab Film Festival − 2019

Menna Shalabi
Menna Shalabi
Eyad Nassar
Eyad Nassar
Asser Yassin
Asser Yassin

  • Screenplay: Adam Abd El - Ghaffar
  • Cinematographer: Omar Abou Doma
  • Production Designer: Karim Yousry
  • Music: Ahmed El - Sawy
  • Producers: Safei Eldin Mahmoud, Amr Koura, Hani Osama & Shahinaz El - Akkad
  • Costume Designer: Yasmeen Mokhtar
  • Editor: Fares Kerim